When In Mallorca

A mere 24 square miles (60 square kilometers) of the lush, seafront city of Alcudia, doesn’t mean it has no stance on how much this lovely port and ancient city on the island’s lower region, can give holidaymakers.

As the Romans did, you can find it, round an hour or so away from Mallorca’s capital, Palma in the northern reaches of Mallorca. Thanks to heavens and earth for it does not have the buzzy boozy nightlife of Magaluf. It is instead home to impressive landscape, abundant heritage (Bronze Age population as cited by history books), a lovely family pleasant beach and a fascinating art destination that is waiting to be unveiled.

Wander through the old town of Alcudia

The Moors arrived there in the 9th century and for 300 years they occupied the area. They named this ancient hilltop city “Al-Qudya” which translate as the hill in Arabic.

In 1298, they were conquered by King James I. But the 14th-century quadrangular shaped ramparts were designed by King James II. The 6m high walls are standing still and giving views over rooftops and private terraces as they serve as a perfect place for a lovely stroll. Its dotted with 26 towers and two gates, with a length of 1.5 km  – Porta de Xara and Porta de Mallorca – which have been proclaimed National Monuments.

They nearly encircle the compact old town whose picturesque winding roads are bordered by sandstone architecture that looks attractive in the golden-hued late afternoon sun ray. A flurry of quaint shops and restaurants are within them.

You’ll get to see a glimpse of the white-washed Ajuntament d’Alcúdia (Town Hall) and its lovely gold tip clock tower in the Calle Mayor district.

The Beach

Alcudia has a fabulous wide-edged, soft-sand beach on Platja d’Alcúdia and on the island, its one of the extensive. It’s perfect for young families because around here the beach has no doubt shallow waters, specifically by Playa De Muro. All the way to Can Picafort, it also provides to unravel hidden coves and stunning cliffs that highlight along its 14 km long stretch. There’s a fun theme water park by the water’s edge, go-karting and crazy golf for the kids – not to get bored.

The remains of a Roman capital of the Balearic Islands is located close between Bahía de Pollensa and Bahía de Alcudia, and conveniently close to old town of Alcudia. It’s labeled as Ciudad de Pollentia which translates as a city of power, a name that gives an understanding as to how the Romans distinguished themselves.

To make known an incredible 12 hectares of ruins from the 1st century BC, it’s been years of digging. To assist the juices of the imagination to implore up visuals of what might have been, most of it is easy to recognize and each piece has a notice board of facts.