To Argentina And Back

A reset to your internal clock is what is needed being on a night out in vibrant Buenos Aires: dinner is never earlier than 10 pm, and it can last for hours. To one’s social life’s credibility, showing up to clubs before 2 or 3 am is severely detrimental. Throughout the night (and the following day), locals are also excellent at pacing their alcohol consumption, so in this case, it’s best to imitate them in order not to be that gringo who can’t handle his or her alcohol or who starts yawning before the real party even begins. But really, it’s required just to feel good about yourself when dancing next to effortlessly chic Porteños, so better dress to impress – many clubs in Buenos Aires have dress codes.

Depending on what night it is for attending the must-see clubs, and Argentina’s capital is huge so when going out, it’s also best to pick and stay in one neighborhood. Friendly locals will extend an invitation to an after-party at their friend’s apartment as well and that’s highly possible so you better be prepared. What follows are several tips, but the honesty is that there are far more choices than could ever be wrangled into one article.

parrilla or barbecue restaurant is the only way to for the night to start. Coming in a group is ideal for sharing to pull out all the stops with an asado, a mountain of sausage, chicken, goat, lamb, pork, steak, and ribs. For couples, best to enjoy the meal together by ordering a bife de chorizo(sirloin) and bife de costilla (T-bone steak) with chimichurri sauce along with a roasted red bell pepper and a salad. By complementing it with a bottle of local Malbec is the only way to make this meal truly sing. As it’s not common, if you like your steak rare, press the point.

Introduce to oneself the local wines is another must do. At Gran Bar Danzón, also downtown, each glass of wine comes with a written explanation of the flavors and properties. The only clue to this place on the street  – Ocho7Ocho –  is a doorman because this is a well-known hidden bar. When gearing up for or winding down after an epic night, a top-notch whiskey, lay bare brick walls and a chill atmosphere serve as a fitting backdrop.

It’s hard to make a wrong decision when down in the bar-packed Palermo district. At Bar Seis, whiskey lovers will find solace while Espacio Dada gives live shows several times a week. Some notables like Acabar, known for it’s chock-full of board games and kitschy, floral décor while Carnal is the top place to pre-game, since it’s just right across from Niceto Club, even if it’s almost too easy to stay at Carnal all night if you’re fortunate enough to get a table.