The Steppe Province Of Manitoba

Manitoba, Canada has a great number of places to go to. It offers museum tours and historical places to jump right into the cultural experiences that define Manitoba.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Winnipeg’s Canadian Museum for Human Rights is one of the most eye-catching buildings in the entire country. The structure also houses a collection of ten core galleries housing exhibits and the shining structure of curved steel and glass is really something to view. The museum is unique itself as it is the sole museum in the world devoted to human rights that focuses on awareness and education. You’ll come to learn about Indigenous perspectives on rights, the Holocaust, and other genocides, how to break the silence and inspire change, and more during your visit here.

The Forks National Historic Site

For thousands of years, on the banks of Winnipeg’s two major rivers, the Aboriginal Peoples stopped at what is now The Forks National Historic Site. On present day, the historic site was transformed into a nine-acre hub of shopping, dining, and entertainment that is popular with locals and visitors both. Educate yourself to learn the rich history of the site, or stop by the sculptures, stone pictographs and other displays that tell its story.

The Manitoba Museum

The largest museum in Winnipeg is the Manitoba Museum and its scope is as big as its collection. From a full-size 17th century ship that can be explored a recreation of early bison hunts, there are nine permanent galleries showcase everything.

The Manitoba Legislative Building

Make a stop at the Manitoba Legislative Building if you’re a fan of the movies Da Vinci Code or National Treasure. Check out the grand staircase, beautiful statues and all the classic trappings, the building also has the character of a beautiful government building.

The hieroglyphics, masonic symbols, numeric codes, and secrets are hidden somewhere in this building. The Hermetic Code Tour of the building, occult links, sphinxes, ancient temples and more will be discussed and explained.

FortWhyte Alive

A 640-acre urban wilderness oasis is FortWhyte Alive, located at the center of Manitoba’s capital city. The park offers different activities, a variety of wildlife to visit, cultural and historical exhibits, a farm, a restaurant to dine in, and much more.

Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature

After a long day, it’s time to relax! You can visit Thermëa by Nordik Spa. This is the perfect place to unwind, de-stress and recharge for another day.

You too, can take long dips in their thermal pools, try the Finnish saunas, or get a well-deserved massage time to cap your Manitoba visit.