The Paradise Of Vanuatu

Vanuatu is located in the continent of Oceania. If you wanted to go on a trip to this small island nation, check what’s install for you.

Underwater Adventure: Send Postcard

In case you are wondering, the world’s only underwater post office can be found in Vanuatu, off the tropical reef of Hideaway Island.

You can go on a trip here as a sightseer even if you’re not lodging at the resort and say hi to the clownfish and why not trying to send mom and dad a postcard all the way from this paradise island.

Crystal Clear Blue Holes

Vanuatu’s islands consist of hidden natural swimming pools that are just waiting for travelers to be explored. Matevulu Blue Hole might be the prettiest one on the island of Espiritu Santo. A crystal clear natural swimming pool springs out of somewhere enclosed by massive banyan trees.

The feeling of floating in space upon swimming in this blue hole. You can also grab the rope and swing off the giant banyan tree right after you’ve watched the local ‘pros’ in do the first move.

The Wreck of Coolidge Dive Spot

During WWII, the SS President Coolidge was a luxury liner that was converted to a troop carrier. It was carrying 5,000 troops to the military base in Espiritu Santo Island in 1942 when tragedy struck a friendly mine and sunk just meters off the beach.

The wreck has been a destination for scuba divers ever since. Make arrangements to reach through the dark hull of the giant wreck where you’ll feel stepping back in time. The Coolidge is considered as one of the best wreck dives in the world as the ship’s close accessibility to the beach, its well-conserved cargo, and rich history.

Just enjoy the beaches!

Let’s be honest because really, we long for the perfect white sand beach is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a vacation on a South Pacific Island. Vanuatu has plenty of those perfect white sand beach.

Champagne Beach, where the sand is ridiculously white and where all your troubles seem to disappear and considered the best beach in Vanuatu.

The neighboring Lonnoc Beach is just as pretty, and less known beach and you might have it all to yourself.