Chinese Memories

My first trip to China was incredible. The culture, the people, and the experience was memorable to begin with. Our flight to Beijing was just over 13 hours. My husband and I slept most of the flight, however the occasional offering of food and drink woke us up. Our plane landed smoothly and we were grateful to be on solid ground.

Our first stop was our hotel to drop off way too many bags we packed. We didn’t waste much time, we headed straight outside and wandered the streets. My husband gave word to his family and his office that he was safe and I did the same with my home health agencies in West Palm Beach. We were just glad to be whole.

We visited the local shops and smelled the local food, although it didn’t look appetizing in the windows, it definitely tasted better in the booth. We picked up our local guide at the building down the street and he was able to direct us in our stay.

We were able to attend a concert and a slew of ‘Broadway’ shows while in the main city. Although we tried to get as much done in the first day as possible, we were beat. More stories are to come!